My Scoliosis

Hey guys! Welcome back!!

Today I want to talk about me.. (what a surprise!) hahah. So as most of you know.. I suffer from Scoliosis since I was 12 years old. What is Scoliosis? For those who haven’t heard of it.. it’s fine! Heheh I didn’t know anything about it before either.

Scoliosis is a mal-formation of the spine.. it’s curved in to a S shape, with time it causes discomfort and limitations. Getting old also doesn’t help heheh 😏.

When I was told that I had Scoliosis was the scariest moment ever! I just though I would have to stop doing everything I loved, that I would be in a wheelchair, all sorts of thoughts came rambling in. I had X-rays done, heart exam done, lung exam.. all to make sure the curve wasn’t affecting any of my vital organs, and thank god it wasn’t.

Doctors didn’t do anything and only gave me the option of having an operation, which could make me pain free and back to normal or.. could send me to a bed or wheelchair, so my answer was NO! ( There was braces available to correct the spine while I was growing, but this wasn’t offered to me 😔😢)

Years went by and it didn’t feel like I had anything wrong, done everything as normal, went swimming, running, gym everything and not a single pain or discomfort. Until…. 8 years ago that I was working in a pharmacy 10 hours a day standing on my feet and walking for sometimes 2h. The pain started and I got a lump on my right side as the spine was pressuring the curve more to the right. Went back to the GP who sent me for more exams, the curve had become bigger and now was curved in 2 places and that’s why the lower back was so painful at the end of my 10hour shift, recommended by the doctor I asked for my hours to be reduced, tried hard to stay at the job, loved working there, loved the customers and my colleagues, but even with hours being reduced the pain at the end and beginning of the day was really bad.

Went back to the GP who sent me for some physiotherapy, I went to 2sessions and promised myself never again! I left that place worse than when I went in.. couldn’t feel my legs and could hardly walk, was like this for 2weeks,needed someone to be with me every time I wanted to go out of the house, scary and the same time so upsetting. Thank god I got better, but I had to leave the pharmacy job as I couldn’t do it anymore, got a letter from the Gp and had to hand it in to my boss 😔. Months past until I was back to my normal self with pain still but I could handle, and finally found a job that suited my illness, receptionist and desk work. Amazing boss and amazing work conditions, love it!

Spoke to one of my colleagues about my Scoliosis and how sometimes the pain comes back and lasts weeks, and how I struggle to walk to and from work on those days, so he mentioned a lady friend who is a cranial osteopath, and that he has gone to her loads of times with his back pains, he gave her a call and booked me in…. best call ever!!

Was scared the first time I went in, and especially when she said she was going to click all my bones 🤷‍♀️, but I had to trust her so I let her get on with it! The feeling at the end of that session was… unbelievable, the pain I had was gone, the pressure I felt round my lower back was gone, bending side ways was so much easier, turning my neck side to side was so light and effortless… I can’t describe how good I felt. Been to see her twice now and have my next app booked, according to her, with this treatment and exercises she gives me, with time I will be more flexible, more free and the curve can be straightened ( not fully.. but a bit), I am so excited to see the results!! After all these years of pain… finally found someone who can help me and understands me!

I though I’d share this with you because I know that there is so many people out there with scoliosis and information about it is so little, cure is hard to find unless your willing to go on the operating table, but there are ways of living your life free and comfortably with scoliosis if you find the right person to lead you and help you!

Any information or advice please let me know and I will try my best to help!

Thank you for reading and see you on my next post! Loveyou😍

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