My faith and Believes

IMG_3270.jpgWelcome back to another post! 🙂

I have been debating weather or not to write this post, but came to a conclusion that YES i should, i want to be as open and honest with my readers as possible and want you to know things about me.

From an early age i was taught that God exists and is the Creator of all things, my family have always believed in God and the bible. My father is a catholic and my Mother is a JW ( Jehovah’s Witness),both believe in God but in different ways.

I was baptized as a Catholic,and attended Catholic schools throughout my academic years, in between these years i studied the bible with JW brothers and sisters, as mum was still studying on and off.

In 2013 me and mum started studying regularly with two JW couple Amy & Andy, who had such big patience with us, as we didn’t always make time for the study, didn’t go to the meeting on Saturdays, cancelled the study day blah blah blah, we was not very good students at ALL!! It took us months to get into the study routine and attend the meetings. I found it easier and more interesting once i got to study the bible myself with some magazines given to me by the brothers, every night i would take 20min to read and talk with God. Studying and having the meeting prepared helped me want to go to the meetings, wanting to hear the other brother and sisters answers and what they had to say, made me more happy every time i went. I started going every Saturday and studied with Amy & Andy every week, done my personal study every night before bed.

I know we all have our own faith and believes, i have lots of friends who are Catholic and we all have different views on faith. Ive studied both Catholic and JW, and for me i believe more on the JW version of things as everything they say in the meeting there is passages in the bible that give us facts and i really enjoy reading the facts and how God always helps the ones who are faithful to him. JW congregation is like a big family who are always there for one another. We don’t believe in saints and statues, don’t celebrate Birthdays, Christmas or Easter, as there is no passage in the bible that tells us to do this, you don’t need these occasions to give presents or to show someone you love them or care for them, you can do this any time of the year!!

Some people i know don’t see JW as a very good religion and think they are annoying and pushy, BUT, we are not! The reason we tell people about the bible, knock at doors, give out leaflets in the street, its all the same JESUS done when he was on Earth, he too spread the word of God to everyone, the reason for this is in the bible.

This post is not to convince anyone to change their believes, BUT its for you to know about me and also a bit about what i believe in. God is very important in my life and i speak with him every morning and night, thank him for the life i have, my health, and all my daily things. I believe without God, i would be nothing, i wouldn’t be happy, have a life, and have such amazing people around me.

If you want information on JW or bible passages that you want to read to see a fact that means a lot to you… then just leave me a comment and i will definitely show you one.

Thank you for reading yet another post, hope you enjoyed it. See you on my next Post next Friday!!










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