My Goals for 2018


We all have dreams and goals in life, but sometimes life takes us another direction and becomes harder to fulfill those dreams and goals.

I have always loved acting, cameras and photos. Life took me a different path and i am not doing anything that i planned when i was younger, but I know I am not the only one.  (am I ?). I know the fact that I am now nearly 30, and haven’t done hardly any of my goals or dreams, is due to my Laziness! Yes i am extremely lazy!! If I had a choice of staying in bed all day everyday… THAT’S WHAT I WOULD DO. The amount of times I have set myself a challenge of getting up early to workout, walk Bica for longer, eat healthy breakfast among other things, but NEVER do it, the only explanation I have is I AM LAZY!I have so many dreams but never fulfill them because I give up on the first wall, I become very negative when things do not go the way I imagined and i give up and stop trying. (This is a big problem that I have to change). I know without hard work and persisting no dream will come true, as it doesn’t just fall off the sky. I believe that if I set my mind and start acting positive to things, keep a routine of speaking to God, asking him for his affection and help, anything in this world is possible!

I have set NEW goals for 2018, I will share them with you and keep you updated with how its all going. Reason I decided to do it this way is so that I know I have said it publicly and you guys will read and  wait for progress and update, one thing I hate is to let people down, doing this Blog will make me do things as I DO NOT want my readers and follower to feel let down by me. (Does this make sense)?) So the goals for next year are as follows:

  • Exercise 3 times a week, reason for this goal is due to my health such as my scoliosis, the less workout I do the weaker my back will get and more pain I will have. (NOT GOOD), exercising even if its at home it will still improve my pain and back muscles.


  • Healthier eating, I eat a lot (LOT) of junk food, pizza, sandwiches, burgers, chips (you name it), next year I want to cut down on junk and start eating fresh and clean. Healthier and bigger breakfast (the most important meal of the day, they say), salad or veg for lunch, and a small portion of whatever dinner is that night, so that I don’t fill up my tummy when it’s late at night and bed time is soon. (Even if bedtime is at 1am, we really are not moving around much after dinner, right?)


  • You-tuber/Blogger, I have started my YouTube channel and also my Blog (your reading it now ), I know for a FACT that if I don’t see interest, subscribers, followers or views moving up, I will feel disappointed and want to quit all of it! (yep that’s me, I’m a quitter), want to change this next year! I don’t want to stop blogging and YouTubbing just because my views are low or no one is subscribing, deep down I know this takes time, eff or and handwork. QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME!!

I’m hoping with your help and support I can reach my goals this coming year, show you the results and maybe even inspiring you also to become more positive and reaching your goals too. (Can I count on you?)


Thanks for reading. See you on my next post

Love ya xx

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