Health Checks

Welcome to another post. Today I want to speak about something more important for everyone! Important Health Checks that we all should do. Only because we feel well does not mean everything is great!

Some Diseases as we know are silent and will only manifest themselves when its too far gone. I have chosen 6 that I consider are very important to be tracked.

I know some on NHS(UK), are only recommended after a certain age, even if you do complain it will take ages until the tests that are actually needed to take place. In my opinion age shouldn’t matter and when a patient says they feel something wrong then all exams should be done right away, I believe this is the way it should be for the fact that age doesn’t matter when it comes to illness, you can be 40 years or 2 years if you get it you get it. An example is Cervical Cancer, girls young as 15 can get this, but then the exam age limit is 25 years! WHY?? some one explain this to me.. i don’t understand why?

How often do we go GP and get sent home with Paracetamol? no exams done, no more investigation… you still fill sick and after months of complaining you get sent for the exam to find you have Cancer!! COME ON!!

Guys, you know your body better than anyone else, if you feel something is not right don’t let people tell you otherwise. Yes try their methods, don’t say no straight away, doctors are here to help us and save our life’s, BUT when you have tried their method more than twice, then stop and ask for exams it’s your right. Pay attention to your body, it will save your life!

So here are the 6 exams I recommend to me taken if you feel something is wrong.

  • General Health Checks- This one is recommended after 40 years of age, I personally think it should be done after the 20’s as body changes and things can go wrong. Blood tests, Urine test should be done annually. I try do mine every year my GP knows me..(don’t really take no for an answer) Paranoid? maybe a little. (Have my reasons considering all my health issues).
  • Bowel Cancer Screening- Important to first of all watch out for any symptoms, research info be on the ball. Keep track of your bowl movements, see how your fesses are.. (yucky? YES BUT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE.  This test is provided for anyone over 50 years, but if you feel something is not quite right you can order the kit home and send it off to the lab, OR ask your GP for exams. Ask for yours today
  • Cervical Screening- I mentioned before on the article that the age limit is 25, in my opinion when ever you feel something different seek medical advise ASAP. Be aware of your body, any abnormal bleeding, pains, lumps seek medical help!
  • Cholesterol Testing- depending on your diet you could have it with out knowing, its a silent disease. Normally if you get blood test done this will be on there too, that’s why my first point is important. High cholesterol can cause HEART DISEASE! You can now also get a cholesterol testing kit to use at home makes things easier and less worrying. Get a kit here .
  • Breast Screening- we all should know our breasts, should not feel embarrassed or ashamed to check them, look out for lumps, patches, swelling, uneven nipples, weeping nipples JUST BE VIGILANT, if any of these happen please seek medical advice URGENTLY. The recommended age for this test is 50.. forget it no matter what they say, you feel something you can tell its wrong then you need to tell them!
  • Skin Check- last but definitely not least important, check your skin all the time. People seem to forget that ski is what catches all the bacteria’s, sun radiation which can harm it. The sun is getting stronger and stronger (we might not notice but the skin will), there is 13000 new cases every year in UK,  feel itchy constantly, see patches, moles .. seek advice ASAP!

I can not stress how important it is for you guys to keep on the ball with these exams and examining your body! This can save your life! On a personal note, if for any reason the GP refuse to send you for exams, after you repeatedly tell them nothing is working, and your still not feeling right.. PLEASE seek private help! I had to do this myself and thank god i did.. its helped me to get results and feel my self again. Health should come first ALL THE TIME!!

NOTE- I’m not saying GP’s are useless, NHS is useless or that I know better than Doctors.. There are amazing doctors out there and they do their job and save life’s, all I’m saying is.. if you don’t find results with your doctor then seek other advice that’s all!

Stay safe guys! Eyes opened at all times!

Thank you for reading see you on Thursday!

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