Hey guys welcome back!! I don;t know if you guys remember when I did the 30 day challenge post? If not then you can read it here, for January I had chosen to read a book and start being more healthy. In this post  I will mention the book I read and also how I’ve started my better health journey.

Going to start with the books that I have read. I wanted to learn more about blogging and also being able to build a business as I don’t want to work for someone else for the rest of my life, helping them turn their dream in to reality when the truth is…. i want to also be my own boss and be able to do what i like and when i like. (only me on anyone else want this?).

Book 1: How to make money blogging got this one from Amazon and downloaded it to my kindle. It has great tips and information on how to make your blogging work tips to start one and which platform to use,  how you can turn blogging in to a full time job. here

Book 2: How to write great blog posts , this book is also a kindle version that I got, it’s got great tips on whi9ch type of posts to do, how to find out which readers it attracts therefore making it easier for me to know which posts to write more about. I’m keeping this one to go back and recap every time I feel lost. (Which is often hahah).

Book 3: As you probably know by now if you have been following me for a while, I suffer from Anxiety and Depression so some days are hard and cloudy. I like to read books that help me in those moments and use certain apps with relaxing music also. I found this book also on Amazon and I downloaded it to have a read, it has such good ideas and actually helped me on my cloudy days. If you too suffer from Anxiety and Depression or just either of them, then have a read of this book Click here .

These are the books that I have read still not finished the last one as I tend to read it only on my not so good days, really should read it all the time and maybe it would help me not have those bad days.

Now on to my healthier lifestyle, again as most of you know I LOVE food, me and snacking are best friends… (since I’ve started my office job). To start my diet was a nightmare I just felt hungry all the time and needed sweets to keep me going until home time. I decided I need a little help to get me started, I joined Juice Plus a plant based healthy living company! They have all sorts for lots of health issues NOT just weight loss. I picked the shakes (that come in 2 flavors only, Chocolate or Vanilla), and also Berry Capsules that help detox the body and give me the boost of energy I needed. (It’s also good for other things, but I will stick to just what I’m using them for).

In 2 weeks I lost 3kg just by replacing 2 meals a day with the shakes and then one healthy meal and 2 snacks (healthy too , no chocolate, crisps, cakes cut them out). I’m now on my 4th week and still counting.. will hopefully be able to post a pic of my results soon! I will leave the link here if you want to have a look at their products and order some for yourself. I have now become a Rep too so any questions do feel free to ask me! MY LINK

My next 30 day challenge is:

* Take photos everyday, of me, family, Products.. to see this photos add me on Instagram and Facebook. ANA MARQUES is the name 🙂

* Get up 1h earlier, to be honest I have started that this week the question is… Can I keep it up!!?

This is it for today guys! Hope you enjoyed reading, don’t forget new post will be out on Thursday… See you then!!






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