Fanny and Alexandre

Hey Lovely people! This post will be another review but this time on a theater play that i went and watch. I will not be translating this one as its a UK based play so doesn’t make sense translating it in Portuguese. Sorry my amazing Portuguese readers.

Has any one heard or gone to see this play? it’s not popular but the theater was quite full! (THE OLD VIC). It’s quite a long play with 2 breaks which i never experienced before.

The story is about a family who have a theater and theater is their life. There are 3 families, 3 brothers and their wife’s, 3 children and the NAN. Alexandre and Fanny are brothers, and soon into the play their father dies. Their mother then goes and lives with the bishop who is evil to Alexandre.

Its a Drama/Fantasy type and also has a bit of comedy (at least i found parts funny). The one thing that shocked me was the swearing that the kid Alexandre done, the amount of words that came out of that small mouth, it’s a play but wasn’t expecting to hear that.

For someone who LOVES theater and acting in general to see this play was amazing, the set was great. The way characters changed the set and made it look so real was brilliant. The lights, scenarios was just amazing to watch. It was a brilliant play, would recommend to anyone who wants a bit of a laugh and a good night out.

Unfortunately i was not allowed to take photos once inside the Theater which was quite upsetting as i would have loved to share them with you guys. If you haven’t heard about it have a search online, this play was actually an adaption of a Oscar winning film in 1982 by Ingmar Bergman.

That’s all for today folks.. see you on my next post!

Ana xx

One thought on “Fanny and Alexandre

  1. Olá eu gostei do post ver teatro é uma maravilha quando a peça é boa, ali é que se ve bem os artistas, adorava ver mas estou em Portugal obrigado pelo like no meu blog e eu já estava seguir o teu blog, vou visitando bjs

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