What i take on a mini break

Hey guys! Today ill be shearing with you what i take with me when i go on a mini break, when i say mini break it can be in the UK or away.. lol

Main thing’s go first so my underwear.. tights and socks. Always make sure i take more than just the days im away for. 😃

Clothes i always try check out the weather for the destination and thr time im there for.. so i pack accordingly. Normal would be 2 pair of jeans, a top to go with each (plus an extra 3 just in case), clothes to go out in either for a dinner or for a night of party.

My cosmetic like make-up, creams, oils and my toothbrush and toothpaste. Contact lenses for the whole trip as i love to use them when on holiday, perfume and roller.

Obviously then the normal things lile chargers,phone,money,passport,boarding ticket and headphones in case i need to be distracted on the plane.

Not much really as its a mini break which i call a week away or the weekend, i did say i was going to try travel more this year and i have kept to my word, next post will be about another mini break i went on! 😄😄

Thank you for reading and giving me your support. What do YOU guys take on a mini break??

See you in my next post.

Ana xx

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