Dream Girls Theater Play Review

Hey guys, I went back to the theater this week with my friend Layla and watched Dreamgirls. We both love theater and musicals. As usual Layla booked the tickets as i am useless with seats haha.

This play was at the Savoy theater in Holborn, such a lush place loved it. We got there and went to collect our tickets, when the security told us we had been UPGRADED! OH YES BABY! We sat so close to the stage was amazing.

This play had been on Broadway in 1981 ( Before i was even born), it’s based on show business inspiration and R&B acts. Story follows 3 girls who’s dream is to act in Broadway and become famous. They go to a contest where they meet Curtis, a selfish, corrupt agent, who leads them to believe he does everything in their best interest, but in reality he just wants his own fame and makes them fall apart. He uses the girls voices and their friends song writing ability to gain fame. The trio become separated by miss understandings, arguments and Curtis! At the end of it all, the all 3 becomes famous singers, stay together and Curtis loses it all!

It’s a good story and very well performed, lots of singing, mild kissing and comedy too. Loved every minuet of it! The song choice, scenarios, dresses and general performance was amazing. If you haven’t watched then i really do recommend it.

I’m a theater lover, always have been since i done Drama for 5 years, it’s a dream of mine too of doing theater plays. Who knows one day!? I will definitely be watching more plays and i will give you an update and my reviews. Hope you enjoy reading my reviews, i would love some feedback on what you guys think i could improve or what you think of these reviews!

Thank you once again for reading and giving me your support!!

Ana xx

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