Review of Smart Bracelet

Hey guys welcome back. I have decided to start doing reviews on items that i buy. Last week i bought a Smart Bracelet from Amazon, it’s pretty amazing considering the price i paid.

Arrived super fast, in such a nice little box with instruction manual, charger and the Bracelet, each items inside individual little boxes. SO CUTE!!

You need to download the App that connects your phone to the Bracelet, it’s easy and super quick, the manual is super easy to read so easy to program and sync together.

It records steps, calories burnt, miles you walked, heart rate, blood pressure, sleeping monitor, so once it’s synced via Bluetooth from your phone all this data is sent to the app. You can see what time of day your heart rate has been on it’s high, what time of day you walked most and how you slept. AWESOME RIGHT?

Very quick charge that lasts about 2 days depending how much stuff you have synced to the bracelet, you can have calls, messages and whats app notifications on the bracelet too which consumes more battery. I normally charge mine at night while i’m in the shower and put it back on when i go sleep. The only down side is you can’t see who the caller or sender is, but never mind that’s just bothers me as I’m a freak haha.

Overall it’s an amazing product and would recommend it. If your a fitness freak or just like to know your step count or heart rate… monitor you sleep quality then this is the gadget for you!

If you would like to buy one I got mine from Amazon, I can send you the link for it too. Thank you for reading and all your support. If you would like to see more posts like this one, let me know 🙂

Ana xx

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