Heart Month

Hello guys, how we all doing this week??

February has landed… (seriously where has January gone?), people have been telling me they feel like January dragged on, but i didn’t even see it!

This month is HEART MONTH,so its hearth awareness in other words. I rather think that we look after our hearts through the year, and not just when it’s February, awareness is for all sorts of heart issues that we may have. Generally every month there is a certain topic or topics that are spoken about in more depth to call out awareness and get people informed on each condition.

There is various ways that we can help get the word out, i have chosen my blog and my social media, there are hashtags that can be used (i will use them on my tag part of the blog), sports day in school can be used also to keep children informed on what can be done to prevent illnesses. We wear red for February 1st (I’m late on here but for next year), can organize a group walk for 30min to keep your work colleagues fit and heart pumping, use spice instead of salt is also recommended to avoid heart attacks and strokes. There are lots of things that cam be done to show awareness and get others involved.

My birthday is FEBRUARY and i also have a heart condition since i was born, thankfully is under control now but i do need t keep my heart fit (not that i do often), but exercise and healthy eating was one of the advice given to me a few years back!

I believe the more information and advice is given, the more people will relate and want to improve their well being. Goggle has all this information that we ca use to help us and others, just research and pass the information on.

This month on my social media posts i will use the hashtags even if the photo or post isn’t to do with the heart, but hashtags have a lot of power on the internet, its addictive pressing on them and seeing their posts and photos no? i find that’s a great way to get to people. You can use what you think is best for you and your public, lets all help reach more people and get them to look after their hearts this February!

So this is it foe today’s post, will be back on Saturday with my Top 10 Songs. Thank you once again for reading and all your support!

Ana xx

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