A Plot For My first draft

Hey guys how are you all doing? I have been working on something for a while now and i thought i could share it with you once a week on here.

I have decided to write a book… yep crazy right? I’m into romance books so mine will be one too. My though is i write a chapter each week on here, get you guys to read and give me some feed back. It would be something completely different. I would still be publishing my normal posts as well, so for example Tuesday is a normal post then on Saturday is a chapter of my book. How does that sound?

Today i will show you the story line and hopefully you can give me some feedback.


Rachel is a young girl in her 20’s. Lives with her mother Fiona and her Brother Richard. Her dream is to become a lawyer and defend people from injustice, but her mum has other plans for her and this causes lots of arguments between them. Despite her mothers wishes Rachel goes ahead and finds herself a part time job in a law firm. Here she meets the owner Lucas and falls head over heels for him from day one.

 Fiona discovers that Rachel and Lucas are dating, leaves her furious reason being something that happened in the past. Not wanting this romance to go any further Fiona tries to send Rachel to Brazil.

Tony, Lucas father reapers, had been missing for over 5 years, no hope was given to ever find him. Where has Tony been all these years?? 

Rachael  confronts her mother, why does she have a photograph of Tony in her bedroom drawer.

 Fiona drops the bomb…. Rachel is Tony’s daughter… what will happen to Lucas and Rachel’s future?

So what do you guys think? Want me to have a post about the story? What is your feedback?

Thank you for all your support and i hope i can count with you on this new journey too!

Ana xx



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