Sky Garden Evening Out

Hey guys welcome back to Cabanas World. If you follow me on social media, i mentioned me and a few friends went to visit Sky Garden, we were all pretty excited as we had all seen amazing pictures and reviews of that place. Well we took ages to plan this because we did not want any of the girls to miss it, finally the day arrives! The weather was horrible to start with, raining buckets, wind that could actually make us fly and cold like we had gone back to December time, (this was in March).

We get to Sky Garden at 7.30pm, time we had booked the tickets for. Excitement was high at this stage, could not wait to get in that elevator and reach the top! Well…… the top…… not what i was expecting for sure!


The area was quite dull, very dim lights, the “Garden area was dark, literally did not see a single thing. The window views was OKISH, maybe because it was raining and very miserable weather it did not help, but i was not happy to be honest. The excitement had all dissipated from the moment we saw the lighting. I mean its a GARDEN right? why could they not make it brighter where that section is, if people are going to the evening slots, clearly the visibility will be limited due to the darkness, having a few lights in that area would have made such a difference.


The service at the bar, also needs some TLC. They only had a very small selection of things, by small i mean a choice between 5 or 6 drinks… not drinks that we would normally drink either, drinks i had never even heard off.. me or my friends. Maybe we not posh enough for it. Over all i was unhappy with this experience and was so sad that i did not get to see anything, what should have taken us 1h to do the tour, took us 30minuets. I was glad i did not have to pay for the tour, which is a good thing we do not pay to visit the Garden.

This is just for me to express how saddened i was of this evening tour. We are however planning a summer trip here again, this time a bit earlier and if we are lucky enough hoping to see the sunset from up there. I would love to see that, be such a great view.

Has any of you been to Sky Garden? what was your experience?

Want to make a note that is just my review, my opinion and MY experience, so do not want people thinking i am criticizing or trying to give them a bad name… this is totally just for my readers and my own experience. I believe it is good to see each others reviews, what others think, their experience as we learn from one another, i believe with this post others will realize in winter to go to the evening tour may not be what they want.

This is it for today guys! Thank you again for all your support, see you on my next post.

Ana xx

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