The day i call Cabana Day!

Hello guys, welcome back to another post here at Cabanas World. Today i will be sharing with you, what i do on Cabanas Day, which normally falls on a Sunday! What is Cabana’s day you ask…. it’s a day i have where i  pumper myself! The day i use to look after my skin and feel relaxed and happy.

Like i have mentioned i normally do this on a Sunday, where i have more time to do it all with out having to rush. Whats the point of doing this if you are stressed and rushing right?

Face/Body scrub:

I have been doing this for the past 2 months, so not that long but i have found that my face is much more smoother, less breakouts and looks healthier. The scrub i am using is one i got from Amazon and the affiliate link will be left below. GRAPEFRUIT EXFOLIATING SCRUB, APRIL’S

Face Mask:

Face masks help the skin to heal and get a deeper clean, so i use mine after exfoliating. Use Ethiopian Honey mask from Body Shop. Love the smell and how my skin feels smooth and fresh after every use. The directions of use is 2-3 times a week, but i only use it once a week.


Well, we all know how i do not like feet, mine or any feet in general, but on Sunday’s i try to treat mine to well deserved foot-spa! They say our feet are the part of our body that suffer more on a daily basis, so we should give them some TLC.

That is my Cabana’s day done! Love my Sunday’s where i relax and unwind.

Hope you enjoyed my post and see you on my next one. Thank you for all your support!

Ana xx

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