Chapter ONE

Hey guys welcome back to Cabana’s World, i promised i would post chapters of my “BOOK” on here for you guys to read and give me your feedback! I have finished some of Chapter one so here is a section of the first Chapter…. More will follow if you guys show interest! Really would appreciate your feedback and comments means a lot to me.


With no me delay here it goes!

                                                                    Chapter ONE



You are not who you think you are! These words kept playing over and over in my head. What did he mean? Who is this man?

My mind got pulled away from that thought when I hear Samantha’s voice in the background, “Girl what is going on? I’ve been talking to a wall for the last 10 minuets” her blue eyes staring at me waiting for an explanation,

It’s nothing really” I take a sip of my coffee and here it goes “On the way here I got stopped by a man who told me I am not who I think I am! Just thinking what the hell he meant!”

Samantha gives out a high pitched laughter calling for unwanted attention from others in the cafe “Are you serious Rachael? A stranger?” she leans in closer to me from across the table and laughs “A complete stranger and by the sounds of it a complete psycho!”

I feel like a complete idiot! She was right, how could a stranger know anything about me? I could not help and look around the cafe to see if I spotted him. The cafe was a cosy old fashioned place with photos of London in the olden days hung up on their tiled walls; I and Sam have been coming here since we were at school.

“Have you spoken to your mum?” Sam’s voice grabs my attention once again,

“Not yet” I look down to my cup “I need to speak to her I know, just have to find the right time and right words”.

“Girl this opportunity will not be here for ever, you really need to hurry the hell up!” grabbing her bag and jacket, she blows me a kiss “Text you later chick” shouts out as she walks out of the cafe. I know she is right I really do need to sort my life out! Taking my pone out of my bag, I send my mother a text:

                        Mum, need to speak to you,

                        Meet you at the factory in two hours?

                                    Love you, Rachael xx

I press send with this anxious feeling that this conversation is not going to end well!


The factory is located in a busy industrial estate, been coming here since I can remember. My mothers’ office is on the 3rd floor, and then the production of all the clothes is on the 1st and 2nd floor.

As the lift doors opened, I took a deep breath and made my way to the office…

“Get this sorted will not repeat myself, I want this out of my way!” she swings her chair facing me “Have to go now” cutting off the call, she stands up to greet me. “What is it darling?” she sits down on the coach and signals for me to sit too.

My hands were sweaty and my throat was dry, my anxiety was hitting me and I did not know how to start this conversation;

“Well, you going to tell me what is happening, or did you come here just to sit in the office?” mum and her dry jokes bless her, she knew I hated the factory so no way would I have come here to relax

“No mum obviously not!” I sit back and fiddle with my butterfly scarf she had offered me on our last vacation together “I really need to speak to you about something which is very important to me, you remember a few weeks ago I told you there was a vacancy for a Law firm down town?” she stood up and held her hand up to tell me to stop talking,

“NO,NO AND NO Rachael! I have told you, your future is here at the factory with me!” she walks around to her desk and sits on her chair “I have worked my butt off to get to where I am, to give you the best future possible, have a life I never had, years I struggled to make this work, and now you tell me you do not want it!?” her eyes a watery and I can tell she is furious and hurt at the same time, her childhood was tough, worked from a very young age.

“I understand that mum, I am proud of you and grateful for all you have done for me, but I have my own dreams too” I did not want to hurt her and I know she did her best for us!

“I really do not understand Rachael why you hate the factory so much?” her voice is soft making me feel like a ungrateful person, some people would love to have the life I have right now.

“I do not hate it mum, just not my dream to be in the fashion industry, I want to be able to help people, defend people and advice them, I don’t understand anything about fashion.” I just wanted her to understand my point of view, she never listens to what I want.

“OK, Rachael why do you not come two times a week to start off and start learning? I will show you around and get you involved.” Sounded so excited with the idea that I could not say no, I nodded and got up to leave but mum walked up to me and gave me a hug. “See you at home darling, love you”. Back to step one… still not solved the issue!


So here it is… so far what do you think?

Want to thank you guys for all the support throughout my blogging journey, you guys are great!!

See you on my next post!

Ana xx

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