Where have I been?

Hey guys welcome back to another post.  The title let me tell you is misleading, i am not going to tell you where i have been because i have not been anywhere! Confusing?

When i ask where have i been… it is simply because i only just found PRISON BREAK! Yes i have just found out what all the fuss was about a few years ago! Thanks to  my older nephew i am hooked to this show!

The story is amazing, the actors are great and i am in love with the character that  Wentworth Miller plays (Michael Scofield). He is so courageous and strong and HOT! Yes i know its a show, but do you not wish there was a Scofield somewhere in this world? Some one who would do anything to prove another persons innocence? Could be my brother any day!

Wentworth-Miller hot


Even though it is a show, things like this do happen in real life,people are arrested Innocently, sometimes the law is not right, sometimes lawyers can not help prove innocence. Real life is always harder of course, but that is why i love the show.

When you think its all over… BAM more hassle to keep you glued to your seat. It has been out since 2007 if i am not mistaken and at that time my friends were on and on about it, but for some reason i never looked in to in and just though they were crazy! Now 6 years on a new season is coming out!! So i am here trying to watch all the season so i can start the new season knowing what exactly is happening.

I though i could do this post for you guys, if you too have not seen Prison Break, then i strongly recommend. There it is, my post for the week!

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Thank you for reading, for all your support.

See you on my next post.

Ana xx




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