Chapter ONE continued….

Hey guys welcome back, i have decided to post the rest of my “book” on here weekly, so every week a new section will come out…

we are still in chapter one continuing from last time… if you have  not read the first part the link is here…Chapter ONE, 

Hope you enjoy what follows… Thank you again for all your support.


Chapter ONE  part 2 

Outside was a sunny spring day, the breeze felt good on my skin, had been a while that I came to this part of town, the park I once came to play every day looked strange to me…. From the corner of my eye there he was again, as I turned to face him, he walked off…

HEY! WAIT!! I shouted and ran after him, out of the park into the main road, cars parked both sides of the road, cafes full of people out in the sun… looked all direction, but I had lost him once again! Who is this man?

I had planned to meet Sam outside her office at 6pm, she had some news to tell me so she says. Her office was in a quiet part of town, in a tall building where there were suited woman and men coming in and out looking all so professional. Samantha had always been the clever girl, beautiful and done well in her life, everything sorted out… sometimes I wish I was like her. Looking up I see her, coming out of the rotating doors, in her suite, slim figure and neat blonde hair.

Thanks for coming Racheal as she approaches and sits down beside me you have no idea what just happened! She looked so happy her smile from ear to ear…

Well no I do not, but I’m assuming you are going to tell me right? Giving her a sarcastic look…

Racheal… I have been PROMOTED!! She screamed the last part as she jumped of her seat in front of me! I have my little office now with my own clients!

This is exactly where Sam wanted to be, she worked so hard the last year to get to this… Sam! I am so happy for you girl! You done it!! I jump up to and give her a hug!

Let’s celebrate! Come for dinner with me Racheal…. Pleaseeeee.

She deserved a celebration, and I’m not one to say no to food…

Hell yes! Where you taking me!? Sam is the one with good taste and always know the best place in town for food and drinks!

She grabs her bag, links her arm to mine Well just happens that there is a new place in Central with great reviews… She already knew what she said was good with me, so off we went to this so called great place.


The restaurant was only a few train stops away, was a Lebanese place, as soon as we entered it felt so cosy, welcoming and so cultural, I could say I felt I was in Lebanon. The staff members all dressed in their cultural clothes, the ladies with their belly dancing clothes which I loved… we were then seated and given the menu.

This place is so cosy Sam, how did you find out about it? I regret asking that the moment it is out of my mouth,

I just know Racheal… I just know. Her cheeky smile spreads across her face. Right I am getting their herbal tea and a Manakeesh to start with, what about you?

She knows I have no idea what she just said…What on earth is Manakeesh Sam?

It is bread from Lebanon, we can share and if you do not like it then I will have it. She calls for the waiter’s attention, but I must have still looked confused, Racheal look here, takes her phone and searches up the name of the bread to show me… The waiter arrives and Sam starts ordering what she wants with their actual name, how she knows their names and what they are it is beyond me.

I ordered platters so we can share, that way we try a bit of everything… clever me don’t you say? Raising her eyebrow at me waiting for me to confirm

Well let’s hope for your sake I actually like what you ordered because I have no idea what you just asked for… I raise my eyebrow back at her and we both laugh.

Time flew by, we spoke about her promotion and my decision to go work for the law firm, which has left my mum upset but Sam was happy for me, she knows how much I want to be a lawyer, she has always pushed me to do better, fight for my dreams and make the best of my life.

So when you telling your mum that you have finally decided to do what actually makes you happy?

Well I have told her Sam, she is not really over the moon as you may have guessed, she is actually quite upset and angry at me right now… she asked me to go to the factory twice a week at least, I do not know what to do.

She will get over it, is important Racheal that you do what makes you happy too. She gave me a smile you can always do both, go to the factory the days you not at the firm, tell them you cannot do two of the days. She holds my hand from across the table, you want me to go with you to the firm?

Sam was right, I could do both!  Going alone to the firm was also out of the question, if you could would be great Sam, she smiles at me and nods yes.

The food arrives and smells amazing, we both dig in and to my relieve she had picked great food. Guess I have to trust you next time Sam, this food is delicious! We both laugh.


Stay tuned for PART 3


Ana xx


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