Chapter TWO

Hello, i am back! Been a crazy few weeks and haven’t really had a chance to upload any posts..

As promised i would post my “book” on here as it went along, so i have now done and finished Chapter TWO! WHOOP!!

If you have not read Chapter ONE, click on this link and go have a read!

This Chapter will also be split into 2 parts on here, so again be posting parts of the book once a week or once every two weeks..

Hope you enjoy the story so far and would love to hear your feedback! It is my first book and i am new to all the book writing stuff, so if you have any feedback, ideas and advice i will be all ears!

I will now stop blabing and let you guys read Chapter TWO Part ONE!


Chapter TWO

Samantha held my hand while we stood outside the tall building, I am right behind you chick… she smiles at me  and squeezes my hand, I take a deep breath and we both walk towards the rotating doors.

Good afternoon,  how can I help? A friendly well-dressed young blonde makes her way to us.

Hi, I am here to speak to Lucas, I was told he needed a little hand in the firm. I swallow hard, little help? Seriously Racheal?

Yes! He is expecting you she steps aside third floor, second door. She points the lifts.

We walk towards the direction the lady sent us, when we reach the lifts Samantha stops.

Relax and take deep breaths Rachael, you will smash it. I will stay here and wait for you, she gives me a wink not a very good impression if I accompany you to an interview! She pulls me in for a hug.

Having Sam with me always made things that little less difficult. I press for the lift, when it arrives I walk in and press three, waving bye to Sam while the door close.

You must be Racheal, a young brunette stood in-front of the opening doors, with a big smile on her face.

Yes! I am here, she brutally interrupts me

Yes, you are here to see Lucas! Right this way please…

She leads me through a narrow corridor and stops a few doors down, knocks twice and faces me before going in… Please wait here.

A couple of seconds later she re-opens the door wide, and signals for me to go in.

Shaking and out of breath god knows why, I make my way inside the well-lit and spacious office, my eyes search for this Lucas person until I hear a voice but not able to see who spoke;

Sit down, make yourself comfortable.

Nervous and shaking. I grab the first seat I see… and with a bang I go diving to the floor… I try to hurry and stand but when I look up I see him… his powerful hand stretched out in-front of me,

Are you alright there? Let me help you up he had a smirk on his face and I just froze, he is so good-looking, athletic and admirable; Are you ok? Are you hurt? His face expression had changed, he looked serious and concerned.

I feel his firm hands around my waist lifting me up, and I remained frozen.

Here have a seat on this chair right here, I apologise I should have mentioned where you should have sat and avoided all this. He walks towards his desk and picks up the phone Bring me a glass of water now please.

He kneels down in-front of me and holds my yet still shaking hands

T-T-Thank you is all I manage to say, with him so close to me, the warmth of his hands on mine… his blue eyes looking into mine, I just lose all my concentration.

Sorry it is all my fault, I have asked for this chair to be removed, just have not got round to it. He continues to stare at me are you hurt?  

I manage to reply if a nod. I do not know what is going on with me but this man has me mesmerised.

Just relax and take your time, he walks back to his desk and looks back at me with such a sweet look that I just cannot explain. I have to snap out of this … be a professional and do what I came here to do!


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