Chapter Two – Part 2

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On this post i’m going to upload the second part to my Chapter Two…. 🙂

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I am ok, thank you. Just an unexpected fall. Oh Jesus Racheal seriously? An unexpected fall?? No do not say!  I am here for the interview… My name is Racheal.

With that smile on his face again, he leans over his table towards me, Yes I know who you are, I understand this was not the type of interview beginning we was expecting, but if you are ready then the job is yours! Can you start today?

What did he say? Today?? My mind freezes again. His smile, blue eyes, fresh shaven face… this is going to be so difficult for me to concentrate around this man.

SO are you ready? He moves back into his chair

You have not interviewed me yet, how did I get the job?

He gets up and leans against his desk facing me and starts to laugh, and oh lord even his laugh is sexy.

I have a feeling you are the right person, something makes me believe we can make a great team. There is a knock at the door, and the brunette lady that led me to Lucas walks in with a glass of water.

Well that sure took long to come… the lady looks down to the floor and hands me the glass… as they say better later than never and he signals for her to leave.

You did not have to speak to her like that, I am sure she was busy doing something else. I regret opening my mouth as soon as these words come out of it.

This just proves my point; you start work NOW! I will get one of the girls to show you your office. He walks to his desk again and picks up the phone, but then he looks at me and put the phone down.

Considering I am the boss, I think it is best I show you around myself. He has that smile again, that leaves me stiff and unable to think. This man knows his sexy and he uses it at his benefit.

Thank you Lucas, I stand up ready to follow him.

Walking through the building all I can smell is his perfume, all I can concentrate on is his movements, feel like this man has hypnotized me.

So here is your office his voice breaks in to my trail of dreams; you can do whatever you like to it, decorate it, change it, make it feel like home. He leans against the door and signals me to walk past into the office.

Thank you Lucas, this is such a nice office.

Only the best for my new helper… smiles and gives me a wink. Sure he can tell I find him hot as hell.

Anything else you need to show me or are we done? I watch how he slowly moves his way towards me, and I hold my breath like my life depended on it.

Well there are other things I could show you, but now is not the time. He winks at me again and walks towards the door so in that case I well send over your first case, in the meantime just settle in. He walks off out of my sight.

PHEW! What on earth is happening with me? Come on put yourself together Racheal, I am a professional and … Crap! Sam!!! I take my phone and dial her number…

Sam! I am so sorry, he wanted me to start work now… I GOT THE JOB!

That is great Girl! I am so happy for you; I knew you would smash it! Tell me all about it!? How is this Lucas guy? Sam was so excited to find out all the gossip from this meeting and encounter.

SAM! I fall back in to my chair he is so god dam hot, strong, and has this look that just makes me freeze, like all goes blank and I cannot concentrate on anything else…

Racheal!! Focus! Ok maybe it was too much for you in one day, you need to concentrate on this and do your job to the best you can, show him what you are worth.  She is right, I need to stop this inappropriate behaviour and get the job done. Have you told him you need two days away from office? 

Oh crap, I completely forgot about that! Thank you for reminding me I will speak to him before the end of the day. I needed two days to go and work at mums Factory, that the only way she will accept I work here too.

You need to calm down, focus on what is important, do not let this man’s sexy looks or what you call it take over you! Sam knows mw far too well.

I am not! I mean he is hot and I do not know why I feel this way, such a strange feeling Sam, you will understand when you meet him. We say goodbye and I take a deep breath until I am interrupted by his voice.

Is that what you think of me? He stood in the door way with a big grin, I felt that freezing sensation coming on again and I had to stop it.

First of all, has no one ever told you how rude it is to listen to other people’s conversations? I look at him and he is look right back at me

And second? He asks with a banter as he walks towards my desk

Secondly Lucas I was most definitely NOT talking about you!  I can feel my face blush as he approaches. 

Of course not Racheal, certainly not… he drops a file on my desk and turns away. Need this file finished by the end of the week. Once again his out of my office and out of my sight.

It is almost Five O’clock and most of the people in the office have gone, I finish what I am doing and start packing up when my desk phone rings…

Hello? Was not expecting anyone to be ringing my work phone…

Hello Racheal, it is your handsome, athletic man here… I stay silent, what am I supposed to answer to that?  Just wanted to say you can go home, the day is finished and you can carry on tomorrow. Man even on the phone his voice is super hot.

Yes thank you, I will be on my way then. See you tomorrow morning Luca.

See you tomorrow Racheal, have a great evening.

Thank you, you too.  I hung up as quickly as I could, gathered my stuff and walked to the lift as fast as my short legs allowed me to. Reached the ground floor and made a semi- sprint to the exit, finally deep breaths I am out of the building and away from Lucas!


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