HEY guys how are you all?

Last weekend (5th July), me and a few friends went to Brighton to spend the night for a mates event. We caught the train from St Pancreas London, to Brighton. Was not a long journey as i had expected, we spoke all the way and had such a great laugh.

The hotel that we stayed at was Queensbury Hotel, on the 4th floor with NO LIFTS, that was my downside to it, unfit like i am, when i reached the top i was just about to collapse. The place was a walking distance to the station (honestly i think you can walk anywhere in Brighton), close to the sea which i LOVE!

Entrance to hotel

We got changed to our evening clothes, and made our way to have dinner, on the way as expected we stopped for pictures, boomerangs and some more laughter. It was prom weekend so we also saw some nice dressed youngsters, reminded us of how we did not really get prom at our time of leaving school (shows how old we are right?). The weather was a bit chilly obviously near the sea, but once we started walking we warmed up and was actually a nice walk to the restaurant. Deciding where to eat was also something we struggled as we did not plan that part, and we ended up deciding on Italian food which we all liked… so Mehri lead the way!

Breakfast area

AL DUOMO was the one we settled to and boy what a good choice, the inside of the restaurant was so cosy, light and the staff was friendly (maybe except the one lady who took our risotto without asking and we had not finished). We all picked a dish but then all sheared, that way we all got to taste more than one dish Mehri idea! Now the food was OK, the pizza could have done with more cheese to be honest, the calamari was not crispy like it normally is (at least the ones i have eaten they are crispy and less oily), the risotto on the other hand i found it was great, the texture and the taste was good we finished it all off! (The calamari Kaja asked to be returned and made more crispy, but then we ended up not finishing it as it did not taste quite right) people reading this probably would not want to go out with us for meals girls, but we pay for something we need to be happy with what we eating right?

Pizza with out cheese 🤣🤣

At around 10:30PM we left the restaurant as they kept taking stuff of the tables so we got the hint we had to leave, one of the waiters (which in my books was so hot), said we all looked beautiful and we obviously gave them a thankful smile until not sure which one of my friends said he looked great too! Honesty never hurt anyone. We walked to a pub but they was charging to get in so we carried on walking to the bay where we had seen they had some sort of party going on, we was waiting for the rest of the crew that was coming from London too but on a later train, and we did not want to drink until we were all together, so ended up walking up to the beach and sit down (stone beach really is uncomfortable). We chat some more, took more pictures and tried to think where we would be in the next 5 years! The plan is in 5 years go back to Brighton the 3 of us, sit in the beach and see where we are in our lives! Sounds great right? Who else does that?

5 years time we be here again!

Finally the rest of the crew arrive and come meet us near the bay, we all go to a pub where they are not charging entrance, the music was OK not really my type but can still dance to it. Had some more pics taken with Davina and got some dudes invading our pictures, but making new friends never harmed anyone either so hey why not.. they joined us for a picture and that was the end of them.. (meaning did not see them again). To be fair me and my two friends did not stay long, we was tired and it was late, seen we were all staying in the same room we all left together, leaving (the late crew) to finish their partying.

Davina arrived!!!

Back at the hotel, we got ready for bed, to be fair i think we all knocked out quite fast, starting with Mehri, i am talking to her and no response comes back, so we realise she had switched off, shortly after we all was asleep. Was a long day.

So a night in Brighton might sound a little crazy for some, like who travels from London -Brighton for DINNER? Well we did for dinner and to attend Davina special event! To be fair i had fun, was a different evening and we got to spend time with friends. Lets see in 5 years time….

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed the craziness. See you my next post.

Ana xx