Hey guys it´s be a while, since i last checked in. Life has been a roller coster since i moved to Portugal, being used to a new place, new people and leaving people i have known for years behind was very tough.

So lets start from the begining, i moved to Portugal in October last year 2019. My parents retired and moved so i decided to move with them and try living in my home town. Was hard leaving London and all my friends even today i find it hard at times, miss them and wish i could still some how be involved in all that they do.

Spent about 4 months at home looking for work, was driving me insane, never spent so much time at home without earning, my anxiety which i thought had subsided, started reapering. Not havning friends and being able to go out and have a laugh made it worse.

I had 2 friends from childhood that lived here in Portugal and it was them that helped me, the took me out when they could and spent time together. One of the outtings i met who is now my boyfriend. My friend took me for a drink to his step-dads cafe, where they all normally meet and hang out, we spoke and had drinks and soon after getting home he had added me on facebook and we strated chatting. Skipping the whole “how it happened” stage 2 months down the line we started dating.

Slowly i started to feel that i actually could fit in, could live here and start fresh. I found a job in February 20202, and having money again made things a lot easier. My best friend came and visited me so that also eased my anxiety.

Things slowly strated to fall in place, then my sister moved to Portugal too in May 2020, we opened our own little cafe and we are now making business, which lets say is not easy with this COVID-19, the laws the implemented makes making money harder than usual.

This is a quick little recap of what has happened and why i have been absent from here. Now that all is in place and i have organised myself better, i have time to work on my blog again. I enjoy writting and i actually really missed being on here.

If you follow me on instagram i am going to put up some polls and see what you guys would like for me to write. What content you would like to see on my blog.

As always i want to thank each one of you for supporting e and keeping this blog running, i have noticed that it is still getting quite a few views even though i have not been on here for months! This really means a lot to me. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart!

have a great rest of the week!

See you soon!


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